SCE exists to share knowledge and experience. It is a network which adds value to your business.
An excellent opportunity to network with like-minded companies
SCE promotes modern methods of construction and provides a range of informative events on industry issues

Why join?

Shropshire Constructing Excellence provides an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded companies, explore innovative collaborative opportunities, exchange information and find out about new developments in Shropshire and beyond. Member companies often share their business experiences for the mutual benefit of the industry helping on a practical, personal and local level.

Our Members

Member companies cover a wide range of disciplines such as offsite manufacturers, architectural practices, construction companies, technology innovators and many more. Any business which constructs or works with those who do has the opportunity to add to the strength of our community.

Member benefits

Invitations to attend a range of industry specific events throughout the year
A forum for lobbying on issues of importance to the construction sector
Promotion of new construction practices, materials and products to drive the construction industry forward
A focal point for quality local construction expertise and the promotion of member companies
Advice on the different types of business support programmes available to the construction sector
Encouraging employment of local labour through up-skilling and working with local partners to promote the sector

Rob Csondor, Director, RCA Regeneration

“As a planning and development consultancy, keeping up to date with the latest practice in the development and construction industry is of paramount importance to us at RCA.

SCE not only provides us with the opportunity to do this but also provides an environment within which we can exchange experience and ideas with businesses in the same sector and ultimately identify opportunities to develop new business. We, therefore, fully endorse the work of SCE and would urge other businesses to engage and take advantage of those opportunities.”

Andrew Evans, Technical Director, Scott Wilson

“At Scott Wilson, we value membership of Shropshire Constructing Excellence because it enables us to keep abreast of the many and varied developments in technology and best practice being pioneered in the region.

Perhaps more importantly, it allows us to put a name and a face to these innovators and other members of the local construction community. This is important to us as we face the challenges of doing business in a world where sustainability and value rightfully have increasing weight.”

Jean Teichmann, Head of Development, The Wrekin Housing Trust

“Being a member of Shropshire Constructing Excellence has provided the Trust with a really effective way of keeping up to date and informed about latest innovations and best practice.

It also provides an ideal opportunity to meet and network with local consultants and contractors.”

SCE News…

Corb Ltd’s – Telford office

Corb Ltd’s – Telford office

A tender opportunity has arisen to provide full refurbishment works of Corb Ltd's Telford office. The deadline for submission of completed tenders is January 10, 2020. More information can be found on the Marches Growth Hub website here...

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