One of the most controversial advances in the construction sector will be the focus of a breakfast debate being held in Telford next month, with a £27 billion UK market at stake.

Shropshire Constructing Excellence is hosting the event on June 8 – the same day as polling for the General Election – with the arguments on both sides expected to be just as interesting! BOOK HERE!

The Big BIM Debate is focused on Building Information Modelling – the practice which sees the creation of a single digital model of a building that everyone — architect, client, suppliers, builders, environmental managers — can work on.

Shropshire Constructing Excellence vice-chairman Dan Leech said: “BIM represents a multi-billion pound opportunity in the UK for construction companies and their supply chain – yet the construction sector seems reluctant to adopt it.

“The debate look at what BIM is, why companies need to be BIM ready and hear from project managers currently commissioning multi-million BIM builds in the region.

“We will also hear from the other side – from contractors who are BIM compliant but believe the sector as a whole will struggle to meet demand. We’re expecting a lively debate on an issue which divides the sector but actually has the power to bring a real economic boost to this region if Shropshire is ready for it.”

The Big BIM Debate, which will be held at Shropshire Chamber of Commerce’s Telford offices, will also look at the legalities around BIM amid a changing sector landscape.

Dan explained: “The regulations around BIM can be complex, but Michael Craik is a specialist construction lawyer who will spend a few minutes explaining in plain English what companies need to know if they are to bid for BIM contracts.

“Our aim with this SCE event is to raise awareness of BIM, how companies can be ready for when the majority of major contracts awarded by the public sector are BIM project and ultimately access a £27m market.”

The event is free to attend for SCE members and £20 for non-members. For more information and tickets, visit

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